The activation of effective B2B marketing is on everyone’s lips and part of most marketing strategies, but it seems that companies struggle to move beyond the traditional campaign paradigm.

The inadequacies of the traditional campaign model does not compliment the B2B world due to its need of an effective lead nurturing function to form the core of this specific marketing model.

The nurturing process to a lead continues to operate as long as there are leads to nurture; therefor the timing and content of nurturing communications are designed to process and constantly trigger behaviour.

Move beyond the traditional campaign model and transform to a marketing framework that feeds buyer expectation and critical business objectives.

Forever Friday follows a dendrochronology approach to our clients marketing framework ensuring they embody a comprehensive, inspired and customer-focused marketing impact.



  • Identify the values and embody the mantra within the company.
  • Link and ground the mantra to your buyers need.
  • Implement the methodology through constant use and during continuous market discovery for a relatively long period (one year).



  • Build reputation within the specified business model.
  • Create, demand and grow brand awareness.
  • Boost sales.
  • Nurture a retention strategy with growth.



  • Traditional marketing (ATL | TTL | BTL)
  • Online Digital Marketing (SEO | SMM | PPC)
  • Web development (BROCHURE | APPS | ECOMM | PROMO)
  • Experimental marketing
  • Display Marketing (Portable | Modular | Exibits | Wayfinding)
  • Direct response marketing (Direct Mail | Landing pages | Email marketing | Mobile marketing)
  • Print advertising (large | Banner | Sell sheets | Brochures | Business cards)
  • Public communications (Press release | Event Promo | Broadcasting | Messaging | Campaign)





No matter what your marketing budget is, it is important to deliver on your customer expectations.

The consumer demands a product and service with integrity they can trust and relate to.

Your marketing therefor needs to be comprehensive personalised and consist of contextually relevant content in order to lead sales and customer relations.

To blow money on obscene traditional campaigns or to only strategise on the activation of these type of campaigns, will be harmful to the future prospects of your critical business objectives.

Invest for the long run and get a continuously nurtured program running with a clearly defined core marketing function.

For those traditionalists – remember that campaigns can always be part of your nurtured marketing plan; it must just not become the core of your marketing execution.

Be infinite – stretch beyond that campaign!

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