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~ Barbara Januszkiewicz ~

We develop a clear, distinctive identity that inspires a platform for doing business and creating relationships. Our inspired-managed identities will become the captivating growth point for you to build infinite relationships.

With our DENDROCHRONOLOGY INSPIRATION we discover, conceptualise, design, execute and nurture brand insistence, strategies and content.

Our inspired work therefore delivers exceptional BRAND STRATEGIES, BRAND DESIGN and BRAND ACTIVATIONS.

branding strategies

Introducing your brand to the market can be fun and exciting, but with a fast-paced market full of change and a constant change in trends and consumer interest, it is necessary to have a structured strategy for your brand.

Your brand needs FOCUS!

Your brand DESERVES A STRATEGY that will create constant awareness, stays relevant and shows the inspired differentiation for consumers to still believe in your product or service.

Let Forever Friday show the value of your brand and create that emotional connection for consumers to conveniently access the power of your brand.


Design creates culture.
Culture shapes values.
Values determine the future.

Forever Friday is changing the world one idea at a time through designs that create unique cultures and shape distinctive values that inspire a bright future.

Our focus is to design a distinct and captivating look and feel that complements all the work, love and passion you have put into your brand. We design corporate identities that are timeless, appeal to the perfect market and inspire emotional connectivity that grows loyalty.

With no limit to any design extention that includes design exploration, refinement and primary and secondary implementation, we are truly your inspired brand agency.

brand activations

It is all about INTERACTION!

Forever Friday’s biggest aim through brand activations is to bring across a brilliant BRAND IDEA transformed in a CREATIVE TARGETED MESSAGE to attract customer insights, as they MOVE TO INTERACT with your brand.

Let us revitalise your brand, support your advertising claim, and increase your brand salience through clever positioning where consumers will hae no other choice than to interact and experience your brilliance.

We will seek, find and develop revolutionary and innovative methods to activate your brand to deliver greater Return On Investment than traditional marketing and advertising campaigns used to do.

Be Forever inspired and take the first step towards an idea that will change your brand forever!