Connecting dots is all about fusing different experiences or angles, from different sources or backgrounds to form the envisioned picture you dreamt of.
Everyone can connect dots… that is how we all start to draw and count in grade one, but putting this in business context, it all comes down to connecting the correct dots to create the difference.

Creativity comes into play when something new and unique is created – a new product, a new marketing campaign, a new launch or even a new event to empower your brand. That is the essence and the most essential tool to any brand or business.

The question remains: What dots are the correct ones to connect?

What makes this difficult is the low supply of people that can bring a diverse ground of experience forward. Looking at the economic culture and academic structuring one is forced to specialize in a certain type of field – because specializing is the key to mass production and productivity. The other problem is that social studies has shown that people are demographically positioning themselves to favour comfort rather than change – enriching themselves, exploring different work experiences.

I want to be bold and strongly contradict to this well-known reality.

Although specialization is key to become knowledge to execute a certain task in a business environment, we all know that the competitive market structure demands creativity to survive. Especially when economic times are tough like we are experiencing now in South Africa.

The only way your creativity can be expanded and take a route never travelled by is when dots of different types of experience is connected. Therefore the shift to experienced diversity rather than one track minded specialization – is the successful way forward.

The more diverse – the more the chances of different types of ideas origin to empower your brand and not only the mainstream of good ideas which will form a linear development to your brand as the competition will evolve in too.

The 360 degree infinity solution is a way to connect the correct dots.
Imagine if a business could be marketed or branded with new ideas that are developed through experience in a corporate, educational, production, events and community or inspiration environment?

This business will be marketed or branded way more creative than the marketing or branding company that only specialize in, for instance, marketing and graphic design.

Your business can make a decision to connect specialized dots that will give your brand a good picture. The safe mind set, to stick with what you know and what is linear to what is suspected from the consumer.

Your business also can make a decision to connect diverse experience dots that will give your brand a masterpiece of artwork. The exciting mind shift to live on the edge of a comfort zone, to be different and to give the consumer what he or she did not expect.

You decide what picture you want to create for your brand. It all lies in the mind shift connecting the correct dots.

Specific or diverse experience…