The fact that brand loyalty basically does not exist and that everyone has to fight for every request for proposal due to the fast and competitive market means that no business can only rely on referencing and the description of their experience in the past, but have to be pitch perfect!

Your reference and experience will most probably lead you to that pitch, but being pitch perfect requires dynamic strategies in order to hook that contract you long for.

After recently spending a week in many diverse boardrooms, delivering various pitches, Forever Friday want to share inspiration for your next big or small pitch in order for your business to succeed.

Get pitch perfect in 5 steps_colour-01



Your client wants to know that you understand their brand. They want to experience their brand being the focus in your pitch in order for you to deliver to their expectation and tailor-made needs.

In order to do so, it is important for you to study the brand’s terminology.

Look at their mantra, slogans used during past campaigns and frequently used terminology in newsletters or publications.

Now list these words and incorporate those words into main focus areas in your pitch.

Your client will immediately feel comfort and experience your take on their brand that will subconsciously convince them your understanding of their brand awareness inside your product.



Designing your presentation can add great value to your pitch. The visual elements to your pitch must also communicate directly to your client’s brand.

Spend some time discovering the correct colour pantones, identity elements and typography of your client and align the visual elements of your presentation accordingly. Use these elements creatively to showcase more creativity and innovation that your product or service will bring to their brand or service requirement.

Today’s client is more visually focused than text, and therefor if your presentation can visually align their brand, it will support your pitch and it’s tailor-made customization of your product to fit their service requirements.

Furthermore you must keep to simplistic design, less words and big font sizes to impress and stay visual.



Adding on to the visual impact your presentation needs, it is important to make your pitch MOVE.

Attract their attention form the start and hold their attention throughout. Your product can show more relevance and create excitement if you alternate your presentation with animation and video elements.

Especially process explanations, or methodologies or any information in your presentation that can come across heavy content loaded must move.

The use of sonic branding elements that attract more senses is key. Combine music, visuals, rhythm and movements with correct timing to hit the core content elements of your presentation, and your product or services are probably sold.



Our instant gratification society is not always interested in the big words or fancy methodologies. This automatically speaks through your comprehensive service style or product features. Your audience wants to get the quick next best thing and therefor you need to present it that way.

The best therefor is to keep it simple. Understand your client’s needs or brief and stick to that – full stop! Don’t be smart in boosting your presentations with fancy terminology only known in your industry; give it to them straight and understandable. Your pitch will instantly become friendly, understandable, comfortable and enjoyed by your audience, leaving them empowered choosing your product or service. Only offer them what they ask for, do not over deliver as you might loose the core element your client require.



The last key element to your presentation approach must be to show the product or service. Leave the blueprint behind and illustrate your product or service. Try to rebrand your product beforehand according to their branding elements (can be very basic), but let them visualize their brand working through your product or service instantly. Other methods to make use of is demo’s or illustrations, or similar industry aligned examples – just as long you show them! This will increase their ability to make quick decisions and for you to get that contract.

Questions will be to the point and product focused, ending your pitch off with a smile and an unforgettable feeling.


These five steps will also equip you to deliver a presentation stress free.

The preparation to these types of presentation can be time consuming. Talk to a brand or marketing strategy to help design your perfect pitch. Remember every client is unique, tailor-made presentations are a strong element to keep in mind.

Forever Friday has an experienced team to discover, conceptualize and design your next perfect pitch to help you hook that contract. With more than 12 years experience in business, creating inspired brands, designing captivated marketing and executing mind-blowing events – we are your perfect pitch solution.