The result of the American presidential election has once again proven that the chasm is an unpredictable crossing that not even the worlds best marketing analyst could measure.

The biggest reason for this is the fact that the fast and free turnaround pace in which influential information types are released can turn any campaign or marketing strategy upside down.

The viewpoints of the different groups of people in the chasm known as the innovators, visionaries, pragmatists, conservatives and skeptics are so diverse that it is unknown on how each type will respond to the fast pace of information released each second of a day.

Forever Friday has a clear understanding for shifting marketing trends through taking pride in ourselves, living our mantra: OUR SEEDS GROW FORESTS.

The only way to cross the chasm is to plant seeds and let an inspired and dedicated approach grow your business into a forest of success.

SEED 1:         The silent majority has the loudest voice.

Due to the fact that many people can evaluate your service or product and spread that information immediately, can inspire or destroy purchase or trial. It is therefore not only up to the influential persona to inspire the product or service. The voice of the silent majority is out there and will speak louder than the influential minority due to the free and fast way of spreading information to influence.

SEED 2:         Merit is the new marketing

Brands are less important. When information was incomplete and slow, people were only influenced by the established brand name, but now information is fast paced and statistical complete. Quick access to user experiences and ratings are more important to consumers than the people behind the brand or the brand itself. Merit will inspire purchase due to loyalty that is transient.

SEED 3:         Embrace the NOBODIES

The comments of Johnny101 can make your product as successful as the comment or write-up of Johnny Depp. Anyone that gets the cause of your product or service and wants to help is a friend to have. The nobodies are the new somebodies – embrace it!

SEED 4:         Abandon the ILLUSION OF CONTROL

You cannot control the influence or effect of your marketing or advertising, simply because you can’t know who can and will help you. Simply look at the 85% win prediction for Clinton to become the next American president. Blast your product and service out there and the FLOW with the GO! I repeat – flow with the GO, embracing and capitalising on the key factors that worked blasting your product in the market.

SEED 5:         Plant MORE seeds!

Plant fields not boxes! Focus on targeting the big numbers because you will never know which acorn will turn into that forest becoming the Alps!

Some people you will reach through influential methods and others through blasting that seeds, bottom-line are that there is no right or wrong, it is all about what worked, and what did not work! Go and experience and then focus your energy on what worked. Let that become the new information or influential strategy to grow your brand into a forest of success.

Today is a perfect day to be inspired!

Forever Friday

Forever inspired!  

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