It comes as no surprise after I recently read that one of South Africa’s proclaimed “leading” ad agencies hasn’t hooked a major client in two years.

The current average advertising trend does not speak to the consumer. It is as if we are experiencing a bunch of children playing in their creative sandboxes, having fun and forgetting the core meaning and purpose of traditional advertising.

Think about it, all advertising we see is 98% generic; tech overloaded and appeals less to their specific market or origin of traditional advertising sense.

The reason for this is because ad agencies are struggling to connect to the consumer in reading their ads. They all turn to entertainment as a vehicle to build the next ad.

Now we are left with interruptive advertising turning into a circus full of smiles and music.

We all know that people do not appreciate it if advertising messes up their computer, smart phone or television viewing experience and that is why they DO NOT CARE about the brand messages that are interruptive streamed their way.

In a difficult and competitive environment to get any attention, the core of the brand message needs to be clear MAKING THEM (your target market) CARE.

Good storytelling is the key to marketing brilliance in order to achieve your ultimate goal, MAKING THEM CARE!

Advertising (according to Jack Trout) needs to shift to INTEGRATED BRAND STORYTELLING as he clearly redefines “advertising” to “storytelling”. He expresses that storytelling needs some drama to make it memorable. Therefor he rather uses the term “dramativity” than “creativity”.

Listening to Trout’s methodology and definitions is it clear how we must rethink advertising.

It is also important to integrate this story in a way the consumer will be reached, and that is where agencies need to focus on.

A good story needs to have a clear and dramatic concept and outline for people to really care.

Therefor ad agencies need to spend much more time on the concept of the ad or brand message and less time on the “smiles and the music of the circus.”

How to create that memorable story?

Forever Friday incorporate the following TOP 10 pointers that meet in connecting the dramativity to our integrated brand storytelling.

Tell the story_10 points


It is also very important to analyse your market in order to select the genre in which your story will work best. The genre must also be able to work on all advertising mediums to ensure integrated brand messaging.

At the end it must MAKE THEM CARE, otherwise it is just another ad interrupting the emotional disconnected consumer.

Forever Friday execute captivating concepts that empower brands though our diverse bouquet of integrated MARKETING services. Let our seeds (diverse experience) grow your forest (business) into a success.