The current business environment in South Africa is overpowered by negativity due to the low economic growth and, of course, the effect which the macro environment portrays.

The current degrading of Moody’s a week after the mid-term budget has been announced, the cracks in ESKOM, SAA and the POST OFFICE strengthen the negativity among the business environment not to excel in the once dreamt vision to grow, to empower and to enhance the magic of its hard built company – big or small.

The solution however does not lie in setting boundaries (like government suggests with price fixing and minimum wages), but in (economic) growth.

Having this in mind you ALWAYS have the choice to adapt positively, neutrally or negatively towards the future of your brand. Whatever your choice, the effect will lie in the POWER of the MIND SHIFT.


The negative mind shift is the easy shift and usually happens naturally if you fill your mind with what the macro environment depicts.

You focus more on the “what if” consequences rather than the “what different” opportunities or direction.

The media is 95% the representation of this negative stimulant due to the sensation it creates. The mind shift however takes a natural cause (negative behaviour and action) or takes definite action (positive behaviour).

Evolving in a negative mind-set will show negative growth over the medium- to long-term and will decrease your possibilities due to the non-loyal consumer that continuously makes a mind shift regarding which brand to purchase and expect a positive turnaround in his or her “investment”.

Show me the one who will invest in a DECREASING opportunity?


This mind shift is passive and traditional. The fear of change or adaptation in any direction is a risky effort and therefor there is no shift.

The business usually sticks to what it knows and focuses on quick solutions, withdrawing new marketing and branding ideas or product dreams (development).

Evolving in a neutral state is a passive mind shift that also will show negative growth over the medium and long term.

The reality of Globalization and the increased trend of US companies buying the South African market (Wallmart for example) will be the nail in the coffin for growth of companies with a neutral outlook and passive mind shift.

It will take the business dreams (possibilities) to a far away place of no return or consumer engagement.

Will you invest in a non-growth and passive opportunity?


This mind shift is not popular and surely takes GUTS. It keeps on WORKING against the odds and dares to be DIFFERENT.

This direction implies never to get comfortable or to get set in a certain way of thinking. It adapts to the disloyal beliefs of a challenged consumer.

This direction does not necessarily imply an increased marketing budget, but the drive to explore and find the marketing company or marketer that runs in line with this positive direction, the dream, the expectation that exceed.

Creativity is the transformation of the bare minimum into a majestic masterpiece. (Forever Inspired!™). Does your marketing investment meet this definition of creativity? That is the starting point for your positive mind shift.

Your business’ new product, identity or outlook must be marketed and branded in such an inspired way that the non-loyal consumer will make a mind shift to invest in the dream behind your brand or product.

When you make a positive mind shift regarding your business it is a long term investment. This investment implies not necessarily money, but time regarding researching the alternative, the DIFFERENCE to align with your vision.

The key is the discomfort to evolve into the inspired direction – the POSITIVE direction.

Now, won’t you rather invest in an opportunity with positive ideals and growth?

Growth is only possible if there is discomfort, hard work, creativity and a positive mind shift applicable.

Discomfort is the action to be taken to accomplish the difference.

Hard work is the ability to keep driving through the discomfort stages and to stay focused on the plan.

Creativity will need the inspiration of the perfect partner who can align with your dream and focus on the energy of the dream rather than the drive of the competition.

The Positive mind shift is the difference between mediocrity and your inspired brand energy.